Dual-Purpose Nibbler Circle Cutting Jig

$ 30.00

The Millner-Haufen Circle Cutting Jig attachment adds even more functionality to your Millner-Haufen Dual-Purpose Nibbler.  Often times you are forced to work freehand.  Our nibbler attachment allows you to make consistent, repeatable circular and straight cuts.  The product provides a wide capacity of cuts (1” up to 8”) allowing you to make up to 16” diameter circles and 8” repeatable straight cuts.  The jig includes a center pin that measures 5/32" in diameter which fits firmly into an 1/8" pilot hole for a very secure center mounting position.

Our jig simply threads onto the head of your Millner-Haufen Dual-Purpose Nibbler.  The entire setup requires only two tools found in most customer's toolboxes (an allen wrench and a box end wrench).  This tool is invaluable for HVAC duct work.  Your vent holes will be consistent every time.

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