Professional Series Nibbler Clamp

$ 60.00

The Millner-Haufen drill clamp is designed to be paired with the Millner-Haufen professional series nibbler. The clamp allows you to mount your nibbler to a variety of work surfaces.  The advantage is that you can now bring the “job” to the nibbler, as apposed to bringing the nibbler to the job.

Whether you work in a garage, basement, worksite or shop, the Millner-Haufen nibbler clamp will save you time and effort.

Millner-Haufen Professional Series Clamp Features

  • Cast steel construction
  • Integrated 44mm diameter floating ballhead allows the nibbler to be set up in nearly limitless angles and configurations
  • 5 inch throat on the drill holder allows you to set up the clamp for a variety of different drills and brands
  • 2 inch vice adjustability to mount to a variety of tables and benches
  • Designed to be used with or without the mounting vice
  • Designed to act as dampening device for drill vibration
  • Unusually high load-bearing capacity
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee if tool becomes damaged or inoperable

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