35 Piece - 1/2" Shank Router Bit Set

$ 350.00

The Millner-Haufen set of professional quality router bits is designed to be the core of any craftsman’s shop.  No need to piece meal different individual bits together.  

This 35 piece set will have you up and running in a hurry.  All of the bits use a ½ inch shank which offers superior strength and durability.  The set includes bits that every craftsman or contractor needs:  straight, flush trim, ogee, cove, rabbeting, round over, dovetail, and chamfer.  
The set comes in a durable labeled case to keep all of your bits in order.  As with many of our other products, your Millner-Haufen bits come with a lifetime guarantee so you can use them with confidence.  Designed to be used on:  hardwoods, softwoods, solid surface material, marble, plastics and more.

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