About Us

Millner-Haufen Tool Co. is based in Nashville, Tennessee and while we care about many things, two items definitely stand at the top.  You can call them 1a and 1b if you like.  They are Product Quality and Customer Service.

We strive to make high quality products that are the right tools for the job.  Our product development process is long.  We continue to make changes until things are exactly how we want them. After a product meets our standards, our package partner usually is the next person who sees a lot of back-and-forth until things meet or exceed our standards.  Our ultimate quality filter is usually an easy question.  What would our grandfathers say if they were buying this and using it on a project?  It’s a short, meaningful question that usually brings about the correct answer.

As for customer service, we strive to get people their products as soon as possible.  We want happy customers and nothing makes us prouder than when we receive positive feedback from customers across various groups like professional racing teams, tradesmen, home enthusiasts, or high school shop teachers.  Also, if you call please leave a message.  Our system immediately notifies us by email and we then route the message to the best Millner team member to help you based upon the content (product question, shipping inquiry, etc.).  Many of our team members fly across the country each week presenting at different shows.  We have found this method to be the most efficient way to get the best response to a customer in the shortest amount of time.


Thank you!

The Millner-Haufen Team

Millner-Haufen Tool Co.