Below are some common questions we receive with answers that may help you.  If your question is not answered below, please use our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry. 

Q:  I have broken/damaged a drill bit.  What should I do? 

A:  First and foremost, it does not matter how it occurred.  It also does not matter what shape it is in.  As long as you have the item, simply follow the Warranty return instructions found here to send it to us, and we will ship you a new one.

Q:  Why did my drill bit break?

A:  Your situation very well may be different, but the vast majority of drill bit issues are caused by turning them too slowly or using them in softer metals.  The recommended RPM speeds as well as a list of “best practices” are listed inside your drill bit box, and can also be downloaded here

Again, it doesn’t matter how the bit became damaged.  We will send you a new one (see question 1).  We do believe you will be happier and have better results following the instructions that are located on the inside of the bit box.

Q:  I sent you a warranty item for replacement.  When will I receive it?

A:  The best way to get your item replaced quickly is to follow our Warranty return instructions found here and include your email address with your return. 

If we have an email address, you will receive a notification when your item is received and shipped.  The shipping notification will also include a number to track your shipment via USPS.     

 Q:  I have a question or concern.  What is the best method to answer my question or resolve my issue?

A:  Over the last few years, the number of spam calls we receive has grown exponentially.  The best way to contact us is via our Contact Us page here.  Each new Contact Us request creates a Case within our system that is assigned to the person who can best help you.  It is also visible to other Millner team members to ensure it is resolved. 

Q:  Why do you not ship outside of the United States?

A:  Our Warranty program is a core part of who we are as a company.  We are sorry, but international shipping costs, duties, fees, taxes, and customs delays do not align with this program.  Shipments are often held in customs for weeks.  We have no control over these situations, and it creates unhappy customers. 

Q:  You used to ship to Canada.  What about customer service and Warranty for my previous Canadian purchases?

A:  All historic Canadian orders and Warranty commitments will continue to be covered and handled by our fulfillment team in perpetuity.  We would never abandon this agreed upon commitment.  We are very sorry that we can no longer ship new orders to Canada due to international shipping, duties, fees, taxes, and customs delays.  

Q:  Do you provide a military discount?

A:  Yes, we do.  Simply enter “MILITARY” as a discount code to receive 10% off your entire order.  Thank you for your service!  Please remember only one discount code can be used per order.  

Q:  Can you send me a free sample? 

A:  Sorry, but no.  We receive multiple requests each week for free samples.  Many inquiries state that they plan on buying large volumes of product in the future.  Since we cannot verify the authenticity of these requests, we have a company policy to simply not send free samples.  Please feel free to purchase via our website or look for us at one of the many tradeshows we do each year. 

Q:  I saw you at a tradeshow.  The sales person at that tradeshow said I could obtain that tradeshow’s special pricing or discount if I called later.  Can I obtain this offer over the phone?  

A:  Sorry, but no.  The show price is only good at the show. 

We value our commitment to our tradeshow sales representatives and the outstanding work they do meeting directly with our customers all across America.  Part of our agreement with our sales team is that they can provide these special packages, discounts, and offers to participants at tradeshows that are not available online or via the phone.    

Q:  I am a tradeshow owner/promoter.  Who should I contact at Millner Tools with a tradeshow question?

A:  The best way to contact the person who manages our tradeshows is via our Contact Us page here.  Each new Contact Us submission creates a Case within our system, and we assign these requests to the person who handles tradeshow scheduling/bookings.  It is also visible to other Millner team members. 

Please note that submissions/emails from secondary companies who have purchased tradeshow participant lists (e.g., logistics, transportation, area hotels, etc.) are deleted.