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5 Piece Impact Driver (Hex) Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set

Product image 15 Piece Impact Driver (Hex) Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set
Product image 25 Piece Impact Driver (Hex) Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set
Product image 35 Piece Impact Driver (Hex) Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set

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The Millner-Haufen hex shank multi-purpose drill bit set offers the same durable multi-material functionality found in our classic straight shank multi-purpose bits.  These are designed specifically for impact drivers where a hex shank is required.  This set includes the 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 and 1/4 inch diameters.   

Use our bits with confidence, as all of our multipurpose bits carry an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee.

  • When it comes to metal, our bits are designed for hard or abrasive metal.  Avoid drilling softer metals like copper, brass, aluminum and the softer grades of mild steel. Specific drilling applications for our bits include: broken or seized bolts (up to grade 8), broken taps, broken extractors, rivets and other abrasive metals like cast iron, or hardened steel.
  • Our bits are flat ground to a 118-degree angle for durability and higher turning rates.  This design creates a filing action instead of a traditional cutting action of twist bit.
  • Our bits stay sharp longer and last longer than traditional bits. We use C-2 grade carbide for higher impact durability as well as superior heat and wear resistance.
  • Our shanks are made of industrial grade heat-treated chrome vanadium which offers excellent characteristics such as strength, toughness, and resistance to wear and fatigue.
  • Our multipurpose bits have larger flute capacity for fast and efficient removal of the drill dust and prevent clogging.
  • We braise our carbide tips onto our multipurpose drill bit tips at 1900 degrees so they can handle higher heat levels than traditional HHS bit or carbide bits.
  • The bits are designed to drill a variety of materials, so you don’t need to buy a variety of different bits for different materials. Use the Millner-Haufen multipurpose bit for drilling Hardened Steel, Cast Iron, Concrete, Brick, Fiberglass, Glass, Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Ceramic, Wood, Stainless steel and more.
  •  Drill through concrete and rebar with the same bit.
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